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Metal slitting

Our specialists perform professional longitudinal cutting of metal in Nizhny Novgorod. The products obtained as a result of cutting are used for the needs of production (for example, metal profiles), for installation of window and door openings, for the construction of metal structures.

In the process of work we use modern high-precision automatic machines, which can provide the most even and precise cut to a given size with minimal error. Our advantages are also:

  • Various metalworking services.
  • Democratic prices for all kinds of services.
  • Wide assortment of sectional rolled metal products from leading Russian and foreign manufacturers.
  • Our masters can perform longitudinal cutting of coiled and sheet metal into strips and strips in a very short time.
  • We actively cooperate with various customers: construction organizations, industrial enterprises, municipal organizations, etc.

To make an order, to get professional advice from a specialist, call us at +7(831)265-37-37, email or leave an application in the appropriate form on the website.