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Precision metal cutting

Precision metal cutting performed by our organization is characterized by a high degree of precision. The high standards we apply ensure that the finished products meet the stated requirements as closely as possible. Customers receive parts with minimum sickle and width tolerances, neatly trimmed edges, and almost no burrs. After the quality work is done by our specialists, there is no need for secondary processing of the received elements.

Operating features

Precision metal cutting allows you to bypass the stage of creating blanks for manufacturing parts. The desired products are produced in finished form immediately after the operation. The technical means used make the cutting surface suitable for the intended use.

Precision cutting provides:

  • crispness of lines and contours;
  • cutting of various angles, small diameter holes;
  • high metalworking speed;
  • creation of miniature, volumetric or flat elements;
  • accuracy of configurations regardless of the type of cutting material.

Using this method of cutting allows you to get a surface that does not require additional processing. After the operation, there is not the slightest deformation of the material.

These days, precision metal cutting is most often used to process sheet or coil products. This method of cutting is popular not only in Moscow, but also in other regions of Russia. Orders for high-precision metal processing are carried out by companies that have modern precision machines.

Terms and uses

Precision metal cutting can be performed for piece (test) or batch production of parts. The operations are carried out strictly according to drawings. Metal cutting is optimized in order to minimize waste.

Precision technologies are used for:

  • production of commercial and food equipment;
  • manufacture of various components for the machine-building industry;
  • production of advertising structures;
  • creation of a wide range of furniture products;
  • construction and repair;
  • manufacturing of parts for precision mechanics;
  • creation of perfectly accurate stencils for painting or projection light devices;
  • implementation of the most daring design ideas;
  • exterior and interior design of buildings.

High-precision cutting of coiled metal is indispensable for the production of components with complex or irregular shapes. This method of processing is the most rational for the production of machine parts.

We offer profitable cooperation

LLC «Orinnox» has high-precision foreign equipment. With its help our qualified specialists perform cutting with minimum errors in the range of 5-10 microns.

Our company uses equipment for cutting any configuration. At the same time the production waste is extremely reduced. The customer will experience considerable savings on minimum consumption of the original metal.

Our team is able to solve problems of any complexity. We will help each customer to implement non-standard metalworking ideas.

We provide the service of manufacturing parts from the material of the customer. We guarantee the shortest terms for the execution of the order.

In each case the price is calculated individually. The cost of cutting depends on the technical characteristics of the material, order volume and the urgency of its performance. Requests with or without delivery are stipulated separately.

You can use our company’s website online:

  • request a price list;
  • ask a question;
  • order a free call.

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